Since 2007, I have been toying with the idea of installing an NGV Kit on my Renault Kangoo after a friend introduce me to it. He gave me a ride on his Proton Iswara and had a refill at Taming Jaya PSS. Ever since, I have been doing some research on it, but never acted on it. Only recently, after the fuel price increase, have I seriously contemplating installing one.

Just to let you know, the price of CNG was not increased (still at RM0.68 per liter). One tank of CNG worth RM10 can travel up to 180km, as compared to one tank of petrol worth RM110 can travel up to 400km. You do the math.

Last year, I talked to a two installers around Jalan Ipoh – Hijau and Nice. Both have very impressive website and workshops too. But the price for conversion was a little steep at RM6,800. So, I put it on hold until now.

So, last week, I went to another two installers after I talked to Hijau on the phone. Hijau is now concentrating on carburetor engines. But I didn’t talk to Mr. Xander. Anyway, the price quoted by Hijau was RM7,400. I went to JT at Ampang (nearer to my current residence). It was RM7,500. Then it was Aspartec at Tmn Billion. Theirs was RM6,800. Still deciding…

I will keep you updated on the outcome next month.

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