No More Subsidies

Ever since the fuel price increase in Malaysia 2 weeks ago, I have not vented my anger or frustrations at the current government or Petronas for the decision. I have known for a while that this subsidy of fuel has distorted the market and a great cause of corruption and loopholes. Still, at RM2.70 per liter, it is still subsidized by more than RM0.30 as claimed by the government. Just a glance at the real world prices of petrol prices around the world, and you will agree the real market price of petrol is not RM3.00 per liter.

Anyway, the savings from the subsidy shall be prudently managed by the government and put to good use, especially funding for better public transportation, free and improved basic healthcare, and free (basic and higher) education for all citizens. I, personally, do not want the savings to be used to subsidize the toll concessionaires (to lower the toll charges), or to subsidize non-essential food products. Please give us more mass transit public transportations to the city and suburbs. Please give us
more government clinics in the suburbs (have you seen the queues at the government hospitals).

The government can do much more than now. Otherwise, a change of government might do the trick.

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