Installing of NGV conversion kit

Finally, the time i have been waiting for, the time to have the Kangoo converted to NGV. I have been scheduled for the conversion at MAFT (Kepong) starting tomorrow. I will send the car over, and hopefully, I can get back the car by Thursday. Just in time for the Dogathon at UPM on the 10th, and arrival of Boo’s friends from Singapore the following weekend.

I was originally scheduled to be converted at JT NGV (Ampang branch) in July 2008, but JT informed me that they were “afraid” to do the sequential system on Kangoo at the last minute. They asked me to do the mixer one instead. So, I have to look for somewhere else. And I found out about MAFT from the old contacts (from Hijau). Anyway, JT is using CONVERTEC brand (can’t find the info on the internet), while MAFT is using BLUEMEC (italian company with website). Talked to Mr. Kennedy and booked one within 3 weeks.

I hope MAFT can do a good job on my Kangoo, since others are not willing to perform the conversion using sequential kit. I will post some pictures and mileage once I get back the car. BTW, I am upgrading to a 100L Type 2 tank, and MAFT is charging me RM7,800.

Before the conversion, let me state some statistics: 1 tankful of petrol refill is about 42 liters (about RM113) can travel for about 400km on Kangoo 1.4 EFI Auto. Comes to a fuel consumption of RM0.285/km.

See you again in a week or two with update.

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