Re-tuning at MAFT

I went back to MAFT to have some tuning done to the Bluemec ECU. I was having a low idling RPM problem. When accelerating from a standstill, the RPM will go down, until the engine will jerk, and almost stall (actually only stalled once). Ganesh (thanks!) helped me with the tuning, and I am very satisfied with the results. Even mommy gave the thumbs up.

I also went to refill the gas today, the 3rd time since I got back the car. So far, I have travelled 374km on RM24.37 worth of CNG (approx. 35.84L). That comes to about on average 6.43sen per km for fuel consumption. Since I will be saving about RM0.22 per km using NGV (RM0.285 – RM0.065), that’s RM82.28 for the past 5 days. You can view my records at Google Documents.

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One thought on “Re-tuning at MAFT

  1. mommy bad bad one, everything oso complain.GrrrrrrrrBoo

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