Outstation Trip to Muar

On Saturday afternoon, I went for a drive from KL to Muar carrying 5 people (full load). I refilled the gas to full at Jalan Kuari before the trip. The indicator only beeped for “out of gas” after 320km on the trip meter. But at some point during the trip I was using petrol only, so I guess the whole 100L Type 2 tank can travel about 280km carrying 5 people on NSE. I was cruising at around 100kmh to 110kmh throughout the trip (no jam at the NSE). Came home to refill the tank on Sunday morning and it filled until RM14.10 (or 20.74L). I guess I can travel to Singapore with 2 people and back using gas only (refilling at JB).

fried oyster with eggs at Muar
(also famous for its otak-otak)
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One thought on “Outstation Trip to Muar

  1. mommy say, go singapore emtpy handed can, come back full load cannot last long.but if u take me, it’s a different story.GrrrrrrrrrrrBoo

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