July 2010: Singapore Trip

i recently went to singapore. it was a quick relief from work. took a coach there.

i left singapore in 2004. after 9 years residing there, i came back home. i didn’t regret it. i got to vote in malaysia.

it was my 3rd visit in 6 years. i came by coach, stayed at hotel 1929, visited the 2 casinos, and bought some stuffs at marina square.

the hotel 1929 was a bit pricey, but it is a very nice hotel. located at the heart of chinatown, which is near to downtown singapore.

i like vivocity. it is big. very big. it has everything. banks, shopping. food. petstuffs. mrt station. direct link to resorts world sentosa. we took a monorail ride to sentosa. wait, monorail to sentosa island? we malaysians have monorail to serve the golden triangle! we don’t even have a proper lrt staion within the golden triangle. good planning, dbkl and mot!

i walked from the hotel to fullerton hotel, and the merlion. it was a nice morning walk. at 9am. there is no traffic jam. everything is in order. i like walking on singapore streets. there are so many things you can see and experience. it is safe. there’s no muggings, not hit and run. no rmp to check on you. no black smoke from very old diesel vehicles. in malaysia, i don’t feel safe, even in my car. i dare not walk on the streets in KL.

the public transport system in singapore is surely the best in the region. it might not be cheap to travel on them, but it is fast, punctual and clean. the MRT have even partially opened the circle line and extended the east-west line, in the 6 years since i left the island. in the same period of time, the lrt line in KL experienced countless failures, untold wasted hours waiting for buses, and there are still bickering about the penang lrt project. do you think KL will get their own MRT since they are talking about it now? maybe not in the next 10 years. the BN government is too busy fixing and widening existing roads and building new ones. it is a never ending job. more cars, more roads, more congestions. public transport gets delayed again. heard that stories many times.

after visitng sands casino at marina bay, i took a bus to city hall. there are so many buses and the frequency is amazing. it was on tuesday afternoon. from city hall mrt station, i walked from shopping centers to shopping malls, and ended up buying some stuffs at marina square. come to think of it, i can shop from malls to malls in singapore without seeing the sun or braving the rain. just get on the mrt, you be at bugis junction, or orchard road, or plaza singapura or vivocity. imagine you are at midvalley, and you wanna go to 1utama or sunway pyramid?

on the way back to malaysia, we stopped at the immigration checkpoints. the singapore immigration and police officers looked sharp and alert. if your offer a smile to them, maybe they’ll smile back. at the malaysian side, the customs officers were reading newspapers as we past them by. this is what we called “Malaysia Boleh”. 

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