I’ve just noticed since this morning, that the trending topic on twitter in Indonesia  has been: “#MalaysiaCheatLaser”, “HATE MALAYSIA”, “USE LASER” and “Support Garuda”. I even got some replies with the comments like “FUCK MALAYSIA”, “Fuck Banget” and “Malaysia Tai!”. I have no idea what a couple of those words mean. Even gizmodo website ran a post about this laser thing: Malaysia Defeats Indonesia Thanks to Laser-Shooting Soccer Fans.

Of course I am talking about the massive reaction from Indonesian’s twitter communities to what they deemed to be undeserved victory for Malaysia’s football team over theirs in the AFF Suzuki Cup final 1st leg played at Bukit Jalil Stadium on Boxing Day. 3-0 was a massive results to achieve, especially our national team have had unspectacular football results since the mid nineteen eighties (does it coincide with Sultan of Pahang being the president of FAM?).

Let’s see where Malaysia ranks among their rivals in AFF Suzuki Cup 2010.  Based on November 2010 rankings, Malaysia is 150 in the world. OK, the rest are: Thailand (114), Indonesia (135), Laos (171), Vietnam (139), Singapore (138). Only Timor Leste, Brunei, Cambodia, Laos and Philippines rank lower than Malaysia.

And let’s check the history of this tournament. Thailand won it 3 times, so did Singapore 3 times. the defending champion is Vietnam (who fell to Malaysia in the semis). So, who would possibly fathom Malaysia can even get out of the group stage?

So, in this respect, the Malaysia football team has been OVER-performing in this tournament, at least until before last night’s match. Did I mention Indonesia trashed Malaysia 5-1 in the group stage in Jakarta? It is beyond my wildest imagination that our football team could outplay the “mighty” Indonesia last night and stuff them by 3 goals?

I was there at the stadium to witness the capitulation of Team Garuda’s defence under the “huge and talented attacking prowess” of our young Harimau’s, and of course the intimidating crowds of Bukit Jalil – fireworks, firecrackers, raining water bottles, laser pointers (yes, it was there) and the sheer loud noise generated by the supporters. So, I don’t think it was just the laser that won us the match last night, as claimed by the Indonesian supporters. It was a combination or concoction of all the above, especially the defensive mistakes committed by one Indonesia defender repeatedly down on their left flank. Against Vietnam, it was their keeper who was quite generous.

So, my advice to the Indonesian supporters is that you have no choice but bring all your intimidation, fireworks and lasers (if you want), and support your low-morale team Garuda in Jakarta. If your team can replicate another 5-1 victory over Rajagopal’s charges, then I can congratulate you on winning your first ever AFF Suzuki Cup. We don’t deserve to win it if we can’t defend a 3-0 lead. Otherwise, you might see a parked red FRU truck with water cannon between our goalpost, and you can see no way past our gawang. I would like to remind you that we have only conceded 1 goal since we last met in Jakarta.

The return leg will be played on Wednesday, 29 Dec 2010 at Jakarta.

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