Has Captain Marvel gone bonkers?

Yeah, that was the headline. The Thais want him out. And I am not the least surprised at all.

I still remember fondly, Robbo leading the not-so-great Man Utd to multiple FA Cup wins in the Eighties. I also remember the countless times he bailed England out of sticky situations, and also the numerous time he was out injured (swollen tongue?) He did win his first league title with Man Utd eventually (of course the Eighties were dominated by Liverpool, Everton and Arsenal, mainly Liverpool).

But he made a poor choice at career change after retirement, into football management. Where did he get himself into? Middlesborough seriously? After West Brom, Sheffield Utd and Bradford City, I was relieved that he went back to Man Utd to do non-managerial stuffs. ESPN pundits appearance were quite okay, but why did he take up the Thai job? And why in the world did Thailand even consider him?

I am disappointed, and I hope he will realise that he ain’t cut out to be a football manager (please also include Keanu). But memory of him winning the FA Cup in 1985 with Man Utd was the highlight of my Captain Marvel. That was the time I started to support Manchester United.

Robbo: My Autobiography

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