Pluggin in @starbucks

What’s the matter with people nowadays? They are plugging it in at cafes and coffee houses. They bring their laptops. They plug it in. They power up the ‘book’. They surf the internet. What is that all about?

Only if I could see the same people doing it at Kedai Kopi Wei Sek at my neighbourhood pasar. Or, at the Golden Dragonboat Restaurant. Is anyone doing it on Prego’s?

What is so damn shiok that we need to prowl the web at these ‘hip’ places?

I was so surprised when I walked into Starbucks at Tropicana City. It was full. People queueing up to order their drinks. Then I saw that a quater of the tables were occupied by laptops. I wonder what they do with them? Facebook? Twitter? Youtube? Or downloading mp3s or mpeg? Msn?

How is the advancement of technology helping the people, when they are idling during their free time clicking away at cafes? Don’t people exercise for good health? What about social service and helping the disfortunes?

What am I doing there? I am wasting my time too. Waiting for my movie to start in 60 mins. It is a good place to waste time and life away.

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