No Tomorrow

There is this “idiom” – like there’s no tomorrow.  What does it actually mean?

According to an online dictionary (idiom), it means: eagerly; rapidly; without stopping.

Is it really true, if we were to be told that there’ll be no tomorrow now, we would be doing everything like there’s tomorrow. So, hence the use of the idioms (eg fuck like no tomorrow, eat like no tomorrow, run like no tomorrow, etc).

Would you stay at home to spend the rest of the time with your loved ones? Will you go shopping like crazy until your card maxes out? Will you kill someone to experience the feeling of ending a life? Will you wager all your life savings at the casino for one last time? Or maybe you would want to have an affair just to experience the thrills of adultery?

What would you do if you know that tomorrow will never come? Or could it be just like in the movie Groundhog Day?

p/s: actually, in my opinion, this idiom is over-used by people living in Singapore.

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