New additions to my Hybrid

With the new additions of accessories to my hybrid bike, it is now looking more and more like a full-fledged commuter bike. Next stop, touring accessories 🙂

The first one is a set of fenders for the wheels/tires. With the rainy season in KL, I have to keep my bike and clothes free from after-rain “muck” thrown up by the forward rotating tires. Let’s see how these pieces of RM28 “plastic junk” perform.

Another impulse buy is this boxy looking front handlebar bag from Exspider. From the picture below, it really looks quite “oversized”. Let’s see how it performs – I mean what crap I can stuff inside, and how it affects my bike’s handling.

Inside, it has 3 compartments, evenly spaced out. It looks more like a camera bag than anything else. It comes with a rain cover, which meant that the bag itself is not rain-proof; and a shoulder strap. It costs me RMXX – too embarrassed to disclose the price 😛

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2 thoughts on “New additions to my Hybrid

  1. Mie Mie

    *cough* must well upgrade it to a motorbike!

  2. in time, a “harley davidson” 😛
    but a motorbike uses fossil fuel. my bicycle uses my muscle fuel 🙂

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