ABL: Dragons vs Patriots semifinal playoffs

Last night, I attended the playoff match between the Dragons and the Patriots. If you are not aware of what I am talking about, it was a basketball match between Westport KL Dragons and AirAsia Philippine Patriots, in the ASEAN Basketball League (ABL). It was held at MABA (Malaysia Basketball Association) in Kuala Lumpur. It was the best of three playoff series, and the Patriots has won the first one in Manila. So, the Dragons must win this match to take it to the third match.

I left the building after the Patriots buried a jumper from downtown (a 3-pointer) with 16 seconds left. The match was virtually over with the Patriots holding a 5-point lead at 94-89. It was a good game by both teams, but the Dragons’ apparent lack in size (and height) in the paint caused them to give away too many offensive rebounds and provided second-chance points to the Patriots. The Dragons definitely needs to bulk up in the middle to be more competitive. Their defense were all over the place when pressured in the paint by the Patriots.

I was shouting “DEFENSE!!!” throughout the match. The theme was set early on. The Patriots would build an early lead, the largest 11 points, and then the Dragons would pull back the gap. It was repeated a couple of times during the match, until the end of the match. There were also live commentaries provided by the supporters behind me, which was a little irritating when I was trying to concentrate on the match. The final score was 95-92. So, the Dragons was eliminated, and the Patriots advanced to the final playoffs.


GPS Location: N3.143076 E101.700536

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