Le Tour de Langkawi 2011 Stage 6

If you do not know, Le Tour de Langkawi 2011 is ongoing until 1 Feb 2011, ending in KL. Today is the Stage 6 of the tour. After 2 mountain stages at Cameron Highlands and Genting Highlands, the peloton starts at Rawang and will end at Putrajaya.

I was waiting at MRR2 this morning because I wanted to witness first hand the sports of road cycling. The whole stretch of MRR2 from Batu Caves to Cheras was cordoned off in the morning, much to the disgusts of drivers and motorbikers alike.

waiting for the arrival of peloton

I had to plead with the traffic police to let me through the barriers, so I could witness the LTdL.There were traffic police officers speeding through MRR2 on their superbikes and patrol cars.

3 officers from traffic police guarding the exit point from Taman Kencana

close-up view of police superbike

close-up view of my "superbike"

After waiting for 30 minutes, the peloton arrived. Exciting moment for me!

from not that far, the leaders rolling down the flyover

More riders at the head of peloton passing by

Main peloton is here

Can't figure out which rider is Anuar Manan

behind the peloton, supporting vehicles followed

It was over in less than 2 minutes. I was the only one showing some interest there. People of Malaysia do not support international sports events like European countries do. I am sad about this!

People complained about the inconvenience caused on them by road closures, but they don’t appreciate why we are having these sports events, especially internationally recognised ones. We should be proud to host so many sports events here in Malaysia.

Next up, BMW Malaysian Open, a WTA tennis event at Bukit Kiara in February.

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