A brief visit to The Actors Studio (updated 27 Feb 2011)

After company lunch at Golden Dragonboat Restaurant today, I decided to pay a visit to The Actors Studio at Lot 10. The quick direct way to get up there is through a small lift by the main entrance to Lot 10. Press 8, and you will reach the Rooftop. Up there, you will find Celebrity Fitness, Rootz and TAS. You can also access it through the rear staircase leading from the car park.

(Updated) Lift to TAS

(Updated) Press 8

Lot 10 Rooftop

Lot 10 Rooftop

Lot 10 Rooftop

Lot 10 Rooftop

(Updated) Entrance to TAS

You must be guessing, what I was doing at TAS. Actually, I wanted to check out where TAS is and wanted to buy some tickets. Here we go:


One for The Last 5 Years @KLPac and another for Short Eyes @TAS

If you can converse in Hokkien, I would recommend I Am Not My Pimples @KLPac.

After TAS visit, I took off via Monorel and bus to Rodalink Bangsar @Jalan Telawi, to check out Dahon folding bikes, and then back home, just in time to beat the heavy downpour (still got caught cycling in small drizzle). Safely back home, I am waiting for the Manchester derby!!!


Anyway, I plan to go to Midvalley Convention Centre (Hall 3) tomorrow to check out The Klang Valley MRT Open Day. The public can view and give feedback from 10am – 9pm.

Please check out the map alignment (.pdf file) for the latest Sg Buloh-Kajang MRT line.

Please visit or for more info on public transport issues in Malaysia.

Update: You can read up on my visit to Klang Valley MRT Open Day.

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