Klang Valley MRT Open Day

Yeah, I made good on my promise to visit the Open Day. It is being held at MidValley Convention Centre Hall 3 on Sunday, 13 February 2011. Below are some pictures I got from the exhibition.

Welcome to KVMRT Open Day

Comparison of Urban Transport Modes

I don’t agree with the capacity argument for BRT system, which imho is not at full capacity yet

10mil people in KL soon?

4-car trains for KVMRT

I am more interested in this

What is SPAD going to do, in the meantime, while the whole of KL awaits the MRT? All these suggestions should be in place and rolling out, instead of being put up on the Open Day. How much of these are being implemented at all?

more venues for the KVMRT public display

After visiting the Open Day, I felt that it was more of a PR exercise than actually engaging the public in getting feedback. Are they going to make public the feedback from the public? Tables, bars, charts, statistics, analyses, actions, etc.

I don’t know if I am for or against the KVMRT project, but since only the stretch from Semantan to Maluri is underground, why is it so expensive as to cost over RM36bil? Most of the line (41.5km of 51km) is elevated.

Why is it the MRT line is built along highways where it is not a high density area? Plaza Phoenix? Seriously? PJ Section 16 and 17? At the edge or heart of those areas? Why is the KL Sentral station not located inside KL Sentral itself? Why is there a need to connect to Pasar Seni, which is just one station after KL Sentral?

I also saw information on the proposal for feeder bus routes from suburban MRT stations, when we can’t even readily find such information for our current LRT, Monorel and Komuter stations. Why is that? Seems like SPAD is more interested to promote MRT than solving current problems with public transport.

What is SPAD going to do about providing bus information on all the bus stops in Klang Valley (maybe Malaysia too)? I took a bus from Bangsar LRT station to MidValley, and I can’t find any information about what buses are making a stop at that particular station.

There are many other bus companies beside rapidKL (i.e. Metrobus, SJbus, Selangor, etc). Where can we find the information about their bus routes?

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2 thoughts on “Klang Valley MRT Open Day

  1. MomTAzmania

    # there will be 2 more line to come in future(36bil for whole line)
    # the reason that MRT line will be built along the highway bcoz to minimize land acquisition. do you know, even the proposed line that 80% built along the highway, still got a lot of you think the public will agree if the mrt line passing through their house??….ask yourself…
    # have you ever go to KL sentral, haven’t u???…there are no more space in the current KL sentral…the gov still provide the walkaway and travelator for MALAYSIAN from MRT station to current KL sentral…

    i would like to give suggestion, if u want to write about something, get full information first, and most importantly think first before u write…

    MRT boleh!!!

    • #yes, finally they have made it known that RM36bil is for all 3 lines, but now the latest news is it will exceed RM50bil or more. So, this news is not new at all.
      #of course people will complain because of access issue. by building on the highway, how do you plan to have a wider catchment area? all the major highways are already pretty jammed up, so additional congestion at these proposed station will spell catastrophe to the current highway. anyway, have you consider how are commuters planning to go the mrt stations located on the highway?
      #you can always dig deeper at KL Sentral. have you taken the monorel at KL Sentral and walk to KL Sentral? is this what you call integration?
      #i am not for mrt, until they improve on the BRT.
      #i am not going to argue with you. i know you are smarter than me.

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