Lance Armstrong retires again (Retirement 2.0)

Lance Armstrong - 7 le Tour de France titles

The great Lance Armstrong has retired from pro cycling for the second time. I hope there will not be Comeback 3.0.

Seven straight Tour de France titles seems unbeatable by today’s standards. Maybe one man can eclipse his achievement – Alberto ‘The Pistol’ Contador. But Senor Alberto is currently tainted with the clenbuterol investigation (though he’s been cleared by Spanish federation). Thus the nickname ‘Albuterol Clentador’.

There will only be one and only Lance Armstrong. He’s done more to cycling worldwide than any riders before him. He made road cycling popular and sexy. I still remember Lance at TdF in one particular year, when he dominated Jan Ulrich on a climb – in fact he toyed with Ulrich before leaving him far behind. That was the highlight of Lance through my eyes.

Long live the King, of Tour de France!!!

From BBC: Lance Armstrong confirms retirement from cycling

Twitter: Lance Armstrong

Facebook: Lance Armstrong

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One thought on “Lance Armstrong retires again (Retirement 2.0)

  1. Yeah there will never be anyone like him in Cycling. He inspired me to buy a bike and ride!

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