Coffee sessions @Starbucks Gardens

After my morning exercises, I went for a coffee session at Starbucks Gardens. My cousin just got a new job, and she was treating us for coffee and pies, sandwiches and such.

on the way to Midvalley

It was the first time I had a really walkabout in Midvalley for sometime. I have discovered there are some new shops that I’ve never seen before there.

One of them is this TSF, The Spaghetti Farm, which sells mainly Italian pasta fares.


Too bad, they don’t sell my favorite, Aglio Olio Spaghetti, plain pasta in olive oil and garlic.


They have Pomodoro, Bolognese, Carbonara, Meatballs, Farmhouse, Panma, Fishfarm, Tom Yum & Black Pepper. No, I didn’t order a plate of spaghetti. Remember! My mission at Midvalley is Starbucks at Gardens.

While waiting for more relatives to arrive, we walked around the place (mainly Jaya Jusco). And look what I bought? I am now RM90 poorer.



I bought a backpack, which is quite small actually. Everyone of them were commenting that it was too small.

It was a Deuter City Light. I search the Deuter website for it – the design looks different. Maybe the one  I bought, which was on sale, was the 2010 or older model. According to the website, it weighs 440g and has a 16-liter volume.


Well, I plan to use it only when I am out for cycling on long rides (not training rides) or going to the city/town by public transport.

So, when everyone had almost arrived, we went straight for the mission – Starbucks @Gardens.



Well, nothing much to talk about at Starbucks, except I ordered my Venti Cafe Latte and Chicken Pie.

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