25/2 KL Critical Mass Ride (@Ampang Park)

Today, I attended my first Critical Mass Ride. It is a cycling event that gathers all cyclist in non-motorized transport every last Friday of the month. Last month, I missed out because I had a flat tire. Today, not so.

How am I gonna go to Ampang Park? Of course, I cycled there. Took me about 40 minutes to reached there from my house. I took the Kampung Pandan Dalam and Jalan Ampang Hilir route. The roads leading to Ampang Park were full with all kinds of motorised vehicles. To make matter worse, it rained during rush hours.

When I reached there about 8.50pm, there were already many cyclists there, about 50 of them. Many of them had Fixies. I was the odd one out – a hybrid bike owner. I met someone from Kuala Kubu Baru. There were many first timers, like me!!!

I made it to Ampang Park

There were so many Fixies out there. After all, it is a Fixies-organized event.


a merida road bike

Fixies with or without brakes

A Hummer foldie (nice) - owned by David

one of two Ralliart foldies - this one is Kam's foldie

a MINI foldie

my bike - with my handlebar bag

more cyclists arriving

By 9.30pm, there were a few hundred of cyclists converging on Ampang Park. We began our tour around  9.45pm. We cycled thru KLCC, Hard Rock Cafe, Pavilion, Bukit Bintang, Pudu Raya, Masjid Jamek, Dataran Merdeka, Jalan Raya Laut, Jalan TAR, Jalan Sultan Ismail, KLCC and back to Ampang Park.

We get to BULLY the other motorized vehicles on the road!!! We even bullied RapidKL buses by occupying their bus lanes. LOL!

But by the time we reached back to Ampang Park, it was drizzling heavily. So we waited and waited.

hundreds of cyclists waiting out the rain at Ampang Park LRT station

If you want to check out the route that I took to Ampang Park and the route of the mass ride, click here.

If you want to check out my route home, click here.

What’s the total damage?

Distance: 23.72km + 10.97km = 34.69km

Calories: 911kCal + 421kCal = 1,332kCal

Time and speed is not important today. On the way back, my left knee started to ache. Too much pedaling, I guess. And I bought a Burger Ramli Ayam Special to replenish my lost calories!

Watch out for next month’s Critical Mass on Friday, 25 March 2011.

Thank you Massa Kritikal for organizing the ride.

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7 thoughts on “25/2 KL Critical Mass Ride (@Ampang Park)

  1. fixie fever!

  2. sitikas

    nice one jerping 😉 not a really fixie event.. all type of bicycle, anything with two wheels powered by human leg muscle event ;p hehehehe enjoys cm’s mac!

    • yes, i know, but the sheer number of fixies out there, makes one think it is a fixie event. i WILL go to march’s event 🙂

  3. the sheer number of fixies?
    we see cars and we call it cars… we dont call it by their type. so cyclist everywhere need to stop subtly segregate each other with such terms.
    if there was 400 people that night, means there was 400 people with bicycles… what kind of bicycles? …. doesnt matter.
    keep on writing 😛

    • but some of them comes w/o brakes!!! hahaha…
      i guess u r rite. no need 2 stereotype.
      just hope that more ppl will take up cycling to beat the traffic jam!
      it is good work that massa kritical organise this event 🙂

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