27/2 Sunday Morning Ride (Hulu Langat Batu 14)

Another Sunday morning. Another Sunday ride. Woke up early to feed the kids. Then at 7am, I took off for my first ride to Hulu Langat, via Jalan Cheras. It was quite cool and traffic was minimal. However, riding on Jalan Cheras was quite nerve-wrecking. I never get used to the high speed vehicles on the main roads, even during early Sunday morning.

Let’s get the damage out of the way first before the pictures come flooding this post.

Distance: 24.92km

Time: 1h 22m 43s

Ave Speed: 18.1kmh

Cal: 956kCal

Below is the map of my route

Actually, I was planning to cycle all the way to Pangsun. At last minute, I decided against it, since I was short of time, as I had an appointment at 10am. So, upon reaching my first pit stop at Batu 14, I decided to tackle the Ampang-Hulu Langat climb from this side instead.

I took the long route thru Cheras to get to Batu 14, which was about 17.5km. A shorter climb back would take only 9km from Batu 14 to home. I reached Batu 14 in 52 minutes.

My first pit stop at a bus stop at Batu 14

I saw quite a number of roadies heading to Batu 18, either cycling on the road or on the car rack heading there. In fact, I was quite early there. Batu 18 is a popular place for roadies, triathletes and foldies to have their weekly training rides. Of course, their routes are much longer and tougher than mine.

The landmark mosque at Batu 14

The ascent from Batu 14 to Look Out Point is much longer than from Ampang side. Couple of weeks ago, I didn’t manage to reach the top from Ampang side. Today, I made it to the top, with 2 stops made to catch my breath.


wow! the slope don't look menacing, but I was beaten

At the first stop, looking down the slope. I saw a couple of roadies zooming down at dizzying speeds.


had to stop for a 2nd time, just ran out of breath

This is my second stop, just nice to take a snap at the well known fish farm thai restaurant.


finally, i made it to the top

Oh yeah! I finally managed to reach the top. It is supposedly at 300m above sea level. The road leads up to the Look Out Point, which I have never been there before.


The big wall with small lettering. Behind the wall is car parks.


bike and bag posing for a shot

My Raleigh Oakland and bag taking a breather.


the look of a truly beaten man

I was extremely exhausted by the time I reached the top. After taking a breather for about 5 minutes, I took off again on the fast descent to Ampang and home. I stopped by a few spots to take some pictures.


View of KL


More view of KL/Selangor


Wore my hiking shoes to cycle


Finally, I reached home. Girl, of course, was the first to welcome me back.


I only consumed 1/3 of my water during the 25km ride. I came out early to avoid the heat of the morning sun.

So, what is next for me? Maybe I will take on the ascent from Ampang, and then cycle to Pangsun. That will be my next target.

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5 thoughts on “27/2 Sunday Morning Ride (Hulu Langat Batu 14)

  1. hey Jer Ping, maybe we should ride together some day, i organise ride occasionally.

  2. hi edward. sure, I welcome any company for rides. Where do you ride often, besides bike to work?

  3. Epol


    Since you have tackled the look out point both ways, which side is easier? I’m planning to cycle up tomorrow from the Ampang side.

    • coming up from batu 14 is slightly easier, coz it is longer but less steep. ampang side to look out point is 3km, but batu 14 to look out point is 4km. good luck and have fun.

  4. wow, really nice uphill ride… i’m just 3 days riding… hopefully one day will able to hike the hill…

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