My “new” Chevy

I went to GW Bicycle Boutique at Kota Kemuning to check out some of the “used” Japanese imported folding bicycles. There were so many to choose from! I saw a brand new red Hummer. Some electric bicycles. Many commuter bicycles from Japan too. In the end, I chose one that was RM500. It is all about giving a second chance LIFE to a USED bicycle. Let’s save some precious metal.

Chevy on the spot

Chevy on the pose


my Chevy

it comes with a bell on the handle bar

a thick saddle, with signs of wear and tear

16in wheels with rear drum brake

It seems that all Japanese bicycles are installed with rear drum brakes. Is it a mandatory requirement in Japan?

folded side view

folded side view II

the stand when folded

I went to buy a Cateye rear blinking light from Rodalink Sri Hartamas. You can see it in the pictures above, as I had attached it to the seatpost.

Cateye Loop (RM34)

Cateye Loop, instructions

different in size, 16in vs 700c (David vs Goliath)

Oh, I went to see the new Trek Bicycle Store at Solaris, but it was closed. It was very disappointing. It was supposed to open until 7.30pm on Saturdays, but by the time I reached there at 6.45pm, it was closed.

at Solaris

that's me in the glass reflection

On a unrelated note, I got myself a bag of Starbucks French Roast (eXtra bold and Intensely Smoky). Will I survive the coffee without getting sore throat? Thanks Penny for the coffee.

it's time to brew some "real" coffee at home

From Starbucks website:

French Roast is not for the timid. It takes the hardiest of Latin American beans to withstand our darkest roast – an intensity that would burn lower quality beans.

And it takes an adventurous palate to appreciate French Roast’s blunt, smoky flavors that result from the intensity of the roasting process. Although French Roast is a bold, powerful blend, it has only a slight residual acidity and light body.

Oh, this is the new Starbucks logo. just launched in Malaysia last week.

new Starbucks logo

Next month or so, it is time to get myself a coffee press at Starbucks (by Bodum)

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