16in vs 700c

From Monday through Wednesday, I tried out my new Chevy with its 16in wheels to work. It was an easy ride. Quick sprint forward. Wobbly handlebar control, at first. Now, I get used to it.

But then today, I got back on my Raleigh Oakland with its 700c wheels. Oh my! I struggled to maintain my normal cadence. The pedaling felt so much heavier. It must be the bigger wheels.

I think I am going to have the same problem every time I switch from Chevy to Raleigh. Now my hybrid will become my true training bicycle, or long commute bicycle (in excess of 10km), while the Chevy will be my short commute bicycle (less than 10km, of course).

i wonder if it will be a struggle to travel more than 20km on my Chevy. Or if I tackle a steep hill! We’ll have to see.

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5 thoughts on “16in vs 700c

  1. Nice Chevy! You finally got your foldie! I like the fenders hahah.

    And nooo, drum brakes are not mandatory! I guess the Jap are a little bit old fashioned! Anyway, they are very low maintenance!

  2. Thanks for the compliments:)

    The fenders are short, but they look very stylish, nice proportions to the 16-incher.

    Somehow, i am not satisfied with the looks. need to polish the shiny metal, and send for re-painting.

  3. lol, haha ok! I wonder if I will every re paint my bike!

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