YES 4G Broadband

Yesterday, I went to Lot 10 to watch a theater play. Since I was a little early, I went to the YES counters at ground floor of Lot 10 to enquire about their products. YES 4G is a WiMax service provided by YTL. Their internet broadband is similar to P1 WiMax.

Currently, I am subscribing to P1 WiMax Home Lite plan at RM49 per month with a quota of 5GB, and speeds up to 400kbps (download). I am also subscribing to Maxis Mobile Internet at RM58 per month with a quota of 500MB. So, I am currently paying a total of RM107 per month with a quota of 5.5GB. I have 2 PCs at home and 1 mobile phone with 3G internet service.

Normally, I only manage to use less than 3GB/month of data at home and less than 300MB/month on my mobile. That’s below the quota offered by YES (= 3.5GB). That’s why I want to do an analysis to see if I would save some cash if I switch to YES.


I am more interested in their Huddle 4G Mobile Hotspot device.  It will cost RM399 to buy the device. However, YES offers a package deal at RM1,199 that I can pay at RM50/month. This package comes with RM1,200 YES Credits, that can be offset against my usage. If I use about 3GB/month at home and on my mobile, that would be about RM90/month, and I would use up the credits in 13 months. After that, I would need to pay extra RM68/month (valuepack) for 3.5GB.

Option 1 – do nothing:

Maxis Mobile: RM58/month

P1  Wimax: RM49/month

Total: RM107/month = RM2,568 for 24 months

Option 2 – Yes Huddle

Device: RM399

YES valuepack: RM68/month

Total: RM2,031 for 24 months (saves RM537)

Option 3 – Yes Huddle Package Deal

YES installment: RM50/month

YES valuepack: RM68/month for 11 months

Total: RM1,947 for 24 months (saves RM621)

If my monthly usage is only 2GB/month, then I would save RM1,097!

So, there is a high chance I will make the change!


According to the service rep at YES, the maximum speed is about 3Mbps.  But a search on Google for some speedtests done on YES, they have managed to obtained speeds of 6Mbps in Kuala Lumpur (here, here and here). Even at 3Mbps, it is definitely faster than my current P1 Wimax Home Lite or Maxis 3G. What I hate about them is the constant disconnection from network and lag times. So, my mobile phone (Nokia E72) battery will have to do double duty as I have to activate the Wifi feature.


We’ll see in April 2011 if I will make the change! Say yes to YES?

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3 thoughts on “YES 4G Broadband

  1. jon

    i made the change and with the speeds and mobility it offers i can’t live without it 🙂
    constant 8-9mbps all the way driving from penang to singapore! 🙂

  2. Louis Tan

    Never gotten lower than 11mbps ever. I use it in PJ SS2

  3. jon: wow! 8-9 mbps on PLUS highway? that’s amazing!
    louis: i think PJ in center of coverage. my house is near to edge of coverage. very near to hulu langat hilly areas.

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