The “aftershocks” of Japan Earthquake are not yet over

It has been over a week. The quake had rattled the earth. Japan had been shaken and stirred. The waves had washed away their land. Human lives had been lost. Countless are still missing. Yet, the aftershocks (not referring to more earthquakes)  keep on coming.

You should read this article from The Guardian (UK).

Japan: the many aftershocks

“The country has a nuclear crisis, a fuel crisis, hundreds of thousands homeless, millions without power and water, and any one of these would test the strongest of nations”

Towards the end, the article wrote:

“The most dangerous uranium at the plant is not in the reactor cores but in the 11,195 spent fuel rods stored at the site. Why so many? Because it is cheaper to store them on site than to dispose of them…”

And here in Malaysia Boleh-land, we are pushing through to build nuclear power plants! Have our Doped-brain government figured out how to dispose off the nuclear waste?

“The nuclear industry’s inability to deal safely with its waste is coming back to haunt it.”

On another note, I am very irritated by comments made by older generation of Chinese Malaysians with regards to the Japan Earthquake natural disaster. They said that “it (the disaster) is payback for the atrocities committed by the Japanese against the Chinese during WW2”. I find it very discomforting to hear such views. Maybe the Koreans and Chinese still hold the same views. Because I was born post-Merdeka, and had never experienced the hardships during Japanese occupation in Malaya or China, I do not see eye-to-eye with their point of view. Still, it is very discomforting.

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