20/3 Ang Tau Mui (aka Red Bean Girl)

Yeah! What a show! A one-woman play in Cantonese, Mandarin, English and Malay. She’s so versatile. Her voice was pleasing but captivating. The script was quite original, with local contents. What a performance by Pearlly Chua!!!

I was at Central Market Annexe. The Annexe changed so much, since I worked at HSBC 16 years ago. I remember there used to be a mini cineplex. But it was gone now.

I was there to attend a play called “A Modern Woman Called Ang Tau Mui”, which was organised by Kakiseni as part of the Women: 100. Thank you Kakiseni for the free admission.

Central Market Annexe is a cool looking place. Lots of arts-themed shops. The Annexe Gallery was on the top floor. During the play, you still can hear those annoying honking sounds of Metrobus below.

There’s one more show for tonight. Come watch Ang Tau Mui at 8.30pm. Register at

Please read a review here about the play.

I still have 2 more shows to attend: SHELAH’S DRAG ARMY presents THE EVE OF ADAM and Sex, Money, Scandal – The Girlie Show

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