Falling for you, finally

Since I got my Chevy foldie, I have begun to appreciate my 700c Raleigh more after riding on both. I mean, my Chevy is awesome. But the 16-inchers are no match for Raleigh’s 700c. The acceleration from my Raleigh is just exhilirating. It is faster and I ride taller.

The Chevy is meant for slow riding around the block, and multi-modal commuting. I have not ridden the Chevy for almost 2 weeks!

In the meantime, I have been day-dreaming of changing my Raleigh with Nexus 7-gear rear hub, upgrading to Gates carbon belt drive and getting rid of my front derailleur. Actually, that last one is do-able. I hate that Revoshift for the front derailleur. The chains are always grazing the derailleur. I just have to use the biggest crank. I seldom use other sizes. I mostly change gears for the rear derailleur.

And lastly, I have been enjoying riding without helmet for 2 days. No sweaty scalp on hot and humid days in KL. Safety or comfort?

So, in short, I am definitely falling for my Raleigh, after 6 months of riding.

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