Why not Bike?

Why do we have so many excuses not to do something?

I keep hearing people saying things like:

1. I will cycle to work when the government introduce dedicated cycling lane. (Will not happen in the next 10 years)

2. I don’t want to cycle when the weather is too hot or it is raining. (Our weather is perfect for cycling)

3. I will buy a bicycle when the petrol prices go up to RM3 per liter. (And then RM3.50, then RM4.00, etc)

4. I am too lazy (this is my favourite excuse not to ride)

5. It is too dangerous to ride on the roads. (It is more dangerous to drive on the roads)

6. The roads are full of potholes. (If you can see it, you can avoid it)

Come on, do you need a reason to cycle to work? There are so many reasons to ride, than not to.

1. Health benefits (too many to mention)

2. Saves money (from fuel, maintenance) – only need oiling and general wipe-down.

3. Saves time (avoiding traffic-jammed roads, or waiting for public buses)

4. Less commitment from car loans, auto insurance. (money saved – buy a nice house)

5. Bicycle is cheaper than car. Good ones start from RM500.

6. Police patrol will not disturb you. (unless you pimp your ride over the top)

7. Enjoy the view – can see more greenery and beautiful houses.

8. You can store 10 bikes in your garage, but only 1 car.

9. Cycling is very safe. Physical injuries and fatalities are very rare.

10. Bike failures are rare. Just in case, hail a cab and chuck your bike in the trunk.

11. You can multi-mode commute between home and work, especially if you ride a folding bike.

12. Anyone can ride. (no need to BUY a license)

13. Strong and beautiful legs (calf, thigh, foot)

So go out and get a bicycle. Start a new revolution. Bike to work, run errands, meet friends, shop at your local groceries, instead of downtown shopping malls.

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2 thoughts on “Why not Bike?

  1. Chris

    As you mentioned, the Multi-Mode commute is a good way to get started. Especially if you’re not sure you can do the whole distance to work by bike. Although some people are lucky enough to have buses with bike racks or trains that allow bikes on, the folding bike really helps. I was never a fan of folders because they never felt like a proper bike. I got into them though when I found Montague Bikes. They use full size wheels and all standard parts. They definitely open up a lot of possibilities for commuting. They make 10 different models you can see at

    • we don’t have those bike racks in malaysia buses or trains, and the state of public transport is not very good but it is improving. i also believe that folding bikes are one way to go too.

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