24/6: KL Critical Mass Ride

I finally went to this mass cycling, again. Last time around, I wrongly labelled it a Fixies event. It wasn’t. It was an event for bicycles and cyclists, called Critical (M)ass. Just that there were overwhelming cyclists there who rode Fixie. There was no different today, about 95% of participants were Fixies.

Just take a look at the pictures. You’ll agree with me.

I was there early, by my own standard of time management. I reached there 5 minutes short of 9pm. It was supposed to start by 9pm, but the convoy didn’t start before 10.30pm. In the end, I started to take some pictures and cycle around the area to kill time. I passed by this very big car showroom with very nice lightings. Only BMW can pull it off.


After I cycled around back to Ampang Park LRT station, the crowd has thickened, but still there were no sign of any butts getting off to start the “cycling”. Therefore, to kill some more time, more shots were fired!


By the time there were synchronised movements of metal and pedal, it was 10:30pm. Here I saw Monkey Lights on a Cannondale hardtail. Obviously, you need a pair on the spokes to have a full circle. One unit will only make half circle. And each set costs RM130, according to the owner of the red Cannondale. His 26” hardtail costs RM3,800.


SO, off we go from Ampang Park towards KLCC, but I already know the route. The route is always the same, KLCC, Bukit Bintang, Pudu Raya, Dataran Merdeka, then Raja Laut, Jalan TAR, then back to Ampang Park.


by the time we had a pitsop at Dataran Merdeka, it was 30 minutes before midnight. It was unusually late for a Critical Mass. I had to bail before midnight. I guess the presence of a few Cycling Malaysia Magazine photographers was the reason for the delay.


By the way, the area at Dataran Merdeka was cordoned off. No motorised traffic was allowed there, because of the preparation of StanChart 2011 KL Marathon that takes place on Sunday.

Thank you Massa Kritikal for organizing the ride again.

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