stpd chnese guy

Here’s an SMS conversation with someone today:

0133480599: Chan e72 still available, i call not answer.. call back 12:04

me: If by 3pm not sold, i’ll sms you. Loc cheras pandan indah 12:05

0133480599: Bro, take rm300,now i at wangsa maju, i think i need to see?bcoz if not k you have buyer if not you waste to wait the person, first come la, bcoz now many fussy people,can?sms now tel not answer.. 12:08

me: Sorry. Meeting. 12:09

0133480599: K what time we can meet?you meeting what place, sorry distrb you,can ma i lookd first?  12:10

0133480599: How chan now i operate at wangsa maju,i police dunt wory if anythng i will take your phone,what time we need to help me i help you ma..haha..  12:14

me: Meeting a buyer 1pm. If no buy, i’ll sms  12:16

0133480599: No need to see bro, i meet youcan?you can cncel and i will take your phone,confirm,how?can help me?you help i help you nanti..  12:18

0133480599: Chan how?  12:21

me: Sorry bro, 1st come 1st serve  12:22

0133480599: Bro i thnk i first come,i now otw?how you need i find your address!can also,i serious buyer,if not see at your home can also?how, gve me what time to see?  12:24

0133480599: Bro you sms first 3pm now you has buyer 1pm if you nevermind i will meet you,you tell conflict,if you need buyer now has,dont thnk cheat,i serious buyer..  12:26

0133480599: How you need i see you at your home at ampang,if want i also can,i sms not answer you thnk you can lies me?  12:36

0133480599: I gve you until 1pm if not call back,i fnd you,i already can tell you cheatd me..  12:42

0133480599: Afraid to answer stpd chinese guy  13:05

me: Sorry, the nokia e72 has been sold. Good luck next time.  13:17

0133480599: Now otw to arrest you see thnk can waste my see lah police..haha..stpd chnese..  13:22

From 12:03 to 13:10, there were 10 missed calls from 0133480599

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4 thoughts on “stpd chnese guy

  1. end up not this buyer bought your phone ah? why is he so desperate? stupid malay guy!

    • no, the real buyer was not this person. i have no idea if a guy or girl, malay or not, police or not. just plain iDiot.

  2. What an eyesore!

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