6/8: Ride to Taman Bukit Permai 2

After reading Edward’s blog entry, I found myself inspired to go out for a bike ride. After all, it’s been a while. I need to sweat it out. I haven’t tried a hill for quite some months. So, after 30 minutes, I was out of the door and onto my saddle.

My first stop was at the pasar. Since it is the Hungry Ghost month, they are having something on, but I managed to catch this giant incense burning under the hot sun.


Another 10 minutes, I reached the durian streets of Taman Muda.


Very near to this durian flavoured street is the Sunbeam Home. Outside this Children’s home is a very interesting baby drop.


After cycling around aimlessly around Kg Cheras Baru, a Malay populated “village”, I decided that I needed a new challenge. So, off I went to the nearby hilly terrain, and I ended up tackling Taman Bukit Permai (a.k.a. “Little Genting”) for the 2nd time in my life. It was not easy the first time, and it proved to be as difficult as my virgin ride up the hill. It is a very short ascent, maybe less than 1km, but it is like making a death wish!


I did some soft focus editing here.


Can’t see the KL skyline, because it was a lousy camera-phone.


I cropped this picture, so you can only see the KL skyline on a hazy day (blame the pollution from motor vehicles)


Well, the road up to “Little Genting” wasn’t bicycle-friendly because of these:



This is the second one.


After the ride, I cycled to a Ramadan Bazaar/street to purchase my dinner, and I also picked up a packet of bubur lambuk. Wow! I am so excited! This will be my first time having bubur lambuk. I heard many good things about this dish, especially the one in Kg Baru.



Anyway, this bubur lambuk was given free as part of sedekah, especially for those needy who couldn’t afford a meal. I tried it at home. It tasted delicious, sweet, herbal and meaty. I found pieces of beef, some chopped carrots, and other ingredients i couldn’t identity.

In all, my bike ride lasted around 90 minutes, but the actual pedalling was only about 52 minutes. The map at Endomondo is a bit off, but I think I managed around 10km.

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