Bicycle Parking at Cempaka LRT station

I took the LRT home from Brickfields (via Monorail). At my home stop, I saw these at the LRT station. Non-existence of bicycle parking (with solid rack).


Bicycle was chained to a post next to the staircase leading up to train platform.


A bicycle chained to another post outside the station.


Lots of “unauthorised” motorcycle parking blocking the covered pedestrian walkway.


There is nobody in charge of anything at any of the rapidKL LRT stations. They don’t even have any information on their feeder bus displayed on a “non-existent” bulletin board. And this station is under rapidKL, and not under MPAJ. What’s up Prasarana and rapidKL?

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One thought on “Bicycle Parking at Cempaka LRT station

  1. Chan Jer Ping

    Thank you for taking note of these problems at Cempaka LRT station.

    Hopefully Prasarana & RapidKL will start paying attention to these small matters, to make life easier for their passengers.

    Regards, Moaz Yusuf Ahmad for TRANSIT

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