Fibre Optic Broadband Comparison (MY vs SG)

Let’s make a comparison of the fiber optic broadband between Singapore and Malaysia.

Malaysia has Unifi. Singapore has Singnet and Starhub (maybe others too).


The top end package for Unifi consumers is VIP20 which costs RM249 per month. It boasts download and upload speed of up to 20Mbps. Then, they have the VIP10 (RM199) and VP5 (RM149). Does these prices include the 6% Service Tax?


Singnet: The top consumer package is the eXcite Home 200 plan that costs S$109.90 per month (RM269), with download and upload speeds of up to 200Mbps and 100Mbps. I cannot find an equivalent package that compare the 20Mbps speed with any SingNet’s because the minimum speed for all plans is 50Mbps and 25Mbps (which is S$64.90 per month).

StarHub: there are so many plans here that it is spinning my head around.The top-of-the-line package is MaxInfinity Platinum Plus at S$158.36 per month (RM387) with speeds of up to 200Mbps (download) and 100Mbps (upload). This package also comes with free mobile broadband (2Mbps). The package that comes close to Unifi’s specs is MaxInfinity Premium Plus at S$81.32 per month (RM199), which offers speeds of up to 50Mbps and 25Mbps.

Don’t you think that the prices of Internet access in Malaysia are very over-priced? It is ridiculous and outrageous!

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One thought on “Fibre Optic Broadband Comparison (MY vs SG)

  1. Azalea

    Not really. Promised throughput is not the same but the transfer speed that UniFi promises is at least at a certain level, so it is debatable as to whether UniFi is delivering, but still you must credit UniFi for not putting a cap on the so-called “monthly bandwidth quota” (Hello! TM, bandwidth is frequency not transfer speed. What you’re talking about is ‘throughput’. Time for university again!). Anyway, I digress. Singapore’s StarHub lags worse than UniFi recently, so that’s bad too. However, that is no excuse for UniFi to put a cap on the monthly throughput (NOTE: Throughput is not equal to successful data transfer as there will be errors all over) nor to raise prices or slack off. Currently, UniFi still has speed drops now and then, so jobs that need consistent and sufficiently fast speeds go dysfunctional often. The service in Kuala Lumpur better, but the service in Penang is roughly only half as fast and half as reliable as that of KL, seeing that we switched to UniFi only because it was much better when we tried it out in KL and it seemed fine there. Which makes one ask, could I pay HALF the price since I’m getting HALF the quality of service?

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