Dahon Curve D3

I finally bought a Dahon folding bike. I bought it at a bike shop in Cheras. I was eyeing it since early this year. It was waiting for me to rescue it from the “bike pound”. A grand lighter in my pocket, I am the proud owner of this red hot thing. Err… I mean the missus has claimed the ownership of this red mean machine.

dahon cropped

Current pricing of Dahons at Rodalink.


What is a Dahon Curve D3? <—- click here!!!

It is a folding bicycle. It folds in half, and it is very compact when folded. I chose the 16 inch Curve D3 (the same size as my Chevy), because it can fit nicely in the back seat of the car. A 20 inch bike will be too big. Mine is an older model. It doesn’t come with the Biologic PostPump.

This red Curve is made in Taiwan.


The main frame curves downwards from the stem to the rear hub.


The smallish rear can accommodate the matching red helmet.


Schwalbe Big Apple tyres (with puncture protection, whatever) and 3-speed SRAM IGH (internal gear hub)


ProMax V brakes on front and back


Sweet curves


The yellow bottle doesn’t match, but outshines the Curve


How it compares between Chevy and Curve (IMO, the Curve is longer)


Here are two entries from 2 blogs I follow. They too have the Curves.

Kent’s Bike Blog

The Samosaurus Chronicles

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6 thoughts on “Dahon Curve D3

  1. What? Not for mie one meh? Then why you bought a red one? 😦

  2. Hi,
    I have a Dahon curve D3 and would like to know from you whether you have this experience as mine.
    When I use my hand to pedal my Curve D3 backward with the rear wheel lifted up, the rear wheel also spin backward which is suppose not to.
    I feel that the SRAM internal 3 speed hub gear has a drag on it rear wheel and would like to know whether you got this experience and know how to resolve this problem.

    LEE YW

    • Hi Lee YW,
      I tried recreating your “problem”. My rear wheel of curve d3 also slighly spin backwards. I am not sure if it is a problem. Then, i tried on different gearing. At the lowest gear, there is no backspin. It only occurs on middle and top gear. IMO, because there is friction in the internal gear hub, the backpedal generates the backspin. Kind of like a braking mechanism. It could be design characteristic. Maybe you can shoot an email to dahon or sram. Cheers.

      • Hi Jer Ping,
        I tried two Curve D3 at some bike shops, they too have the same drag problem, but I also manage to get one Curve D3 from a friend that having a very smooth back pedaling gear.
        That is why I wrote to you in the hope of some advise.
        LEE YING WAI

  3. Eddie

    Hi JP,

    May I know what’s the name of the shop you bought your Curve?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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