P1Wimax or Yes4G?

I was intrigued when my father asked me questions about Facebook. he wanted me to help him to setup a Facebook account. well, he needs to have access to internet first, either via the (smart)phone or the PC.

After helping him setup a Gmail account and Facebook account, I was considering getting him the internet access, instead of using the mobile internet, which is very expensive. That got me thinking, since I have disconnected my P1 Wimax last April, I wonder what are my options are to reconnect it using the previous modem.

I twitted to @p1Cares, and the answer I got was quite amusing. P1 Wimax does not accept opening a P1 account without getting a modem from them. It means that I need to sign up a long term contract with P1. This is getting ridiculous!

Then I decided to contact Yes via twitter – @yesCare. This is what i asked them:

@chanjerping: @YesCare it is possible for multiple devices to use a single account to access internet via Yes? Example 2 huddles on 1 account?

@YesCare: @chanjerping Sure, that’s the beauty of our system. Thx. /YS

I think I am going to get another Huddle!!!

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