Why Students Should Cycle In Campus (via Cycle Friday)

I like this write up by Azizan on his blog, Cycle Friday.

Though uni campuses in Malaysia are not exactly flat terrain, it is still possible to take up cycling as main mode of transport around the campus. I wish there is a good push by the UPM admin to promote cycling in the campus, and hope the roads outside the campus around Serdang and Seri Kembangan are more bicycle-friendly. There should also be facilities for secure bicycle parking around the campus and hostels. Now, we don’t want those bikes to be objects of thefts, right?

Thanks Azizan. I downloaded your interview podcast on Bfm. Keep it up.

You can read more here:

Why Students Should Cycle In Campus CYCLING UPM (UNIVERSITI PUTRA MALAYSIA) Do you know that bicycle is the most efficient human powered transport? In the context of UPM, it gives you mobility at relatively little cost. A student can cover distances between any two points in the campus in about 15 minutes, roughly the time it takes for a bus to arrive. Generally one can save an hour a day by cycling instead of using the campus bus service. That makes 5 hours a week! Time that can b … Read More

via Cycle Friday

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