When urban cycling gets congested | Guardian

What happens when there are too many cyclists on the road? This is what is happening in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Copenhagen is the cycling capital of the world. It has the highest percentage of people cycling to work, do errands, etc.

However, too many cyclists during rush hours have caused some disturbance on the roads. Because of bicycle congestions, cyclists have become reckless and broken traffic laws.  This behaviour will harm the efforts done by cycling campaigners in the country.

But the overall benefits of cycling are still better than not cycling. Those benefits include health, environment and safety issues.

Only recently, have seen mayor of PJ, CM of Melaka and island of Penang trying to encourage cycling to work. I am just hoping that these are not publicity stunts to appease the voters.

This weekend, the 3rd edition of Cycling for a lane (CFAL) in Penang is taking place. Let’s hope the Penang Govt will be the first in the country to introduce bicycle lanes.

We need more campaigners from the public and politicians to push for a change in attitude of the government from being car-centric to transportation policy of moving people. Bus lanes, mass transit and bicycles should be given more voice in the federal, state and local governments.

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