16/9: Ride in Tanjung Karang, Kuala Selangor

Last Friday, a public holiday, I drove to Tanjung Karang near Kuala Selangor for a bike ride with the missus. There were 2 reasons for the trip. We wanted to train for the OCBC ride, and she wanted to take pictures of paddy field. Why did we choose Tanjung Karang? It is flat terrain and easy to ride. We left the house around 6.30am.

Well, my sense of direction went wrong, and we rode into palm oil plantation. But never mind, it was still a ride. I didn’t switch on my Endomondo, but I reckon the ride was about 20km. We were passing by Lorong Menanti and Jalan Ban RB. There were a lot of banana trees and oil palm trees. We cycled from tar roads, to pebbles roads to red clay roads. There were endless trees of oil palm. We turned back, and we would look for the paddy fields.

After the disappointment of not finding a paddy field in the “rice bowl of Selangor”, we drove further up towards Sekinchan. We found our paddy field just a couple of km along the road at Sg Burung. The sun was up and it was sweltering. Missus took her photographs. There was a paddy packing factory there. You could drive on the small roads leading into the paddy fields for 10 minutes and you would still see more of paddy fields. It is very BIG!!!

After the successful mission, we cleaned up at a nearby McD’s at Kuala Selangor, and we went hunting for seafood. We found one thru the internet at Bagan Pasir, just off Tanjung Karang. The restaurant is just by the river and off the sea. The restaurant is called Suang Le River and, like all the other houses there, it was built on stilts (like those in Pulau Ketam).

The seafood there was very affordable. Some types of dishes were nice, some were not. You have to choose wisely. We had crabs, prawn mantis, calamari and lettuce.

Abby and Chevy at the starting point

Abby and Chevy at the starting point


from sandy pebbles/gravel  to red clay


deep inside the oil palm plantation


on the way back – the kenda and schwalbe tires handled the surfaces pretty well


cycling along rows of banana trees


a canal thru the paddy fields in Sg Burung


fields as far as the eyes can see


close up view of the plant that produces rice


the restaurant on stilts by the river


arrived at Bagan Pasir – fishermen hauling catch of the day, prawns


teapot of chinese green leaves


deep fried calamari aka sotong rings (not that nice)


lettuce (very tasty) – thumbs up


deep fried mantis prawn (salty and crispy) – thumbs up


kam heong flower crab (very delicious but oily) – thumbs up


after 2 hours of munching, we were full


the bills came up to a shocking RM70.20!!! (cheap lor)

What was the verdict for this day trip (200km round trip), bike ride (20km), and seafood lunch (RM70)?


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