24/9: Putrajaya Inter-Parks Ride

Last Saturday, missus and I went to Putrajaya to take part in the Putrajaya Inter-Parks Ride (PIPR). It was the 11th edition. I have no idea what I was getting into. I thought it was a fun ride for cyclists, until the group hit the 2nd park. Then, I finally understood what it really meant. It was park after park after park. Some are steep, some are not. Many riders had to push their bikes.

Well, I didn’t really like to go to Putrajaya, because I have never like to go to any place to do with government or administrative offices. However, the Putrajaya is quite a scenic place for a newbie, like me. Especially riding a bike around Malaysia’s administrative capital. Can we now say that the capital of Malaysia is PUTRAJAYA, and not Kuala Lumpur?

Anyway, it was a good cloudy and then sunny day. But the haze was still there. The best park of course was the Botanical Park, which was scenic with large water feature, flat terrain and more visitors. I have no sense of direction in Putrajaya with all their Precincts, but I saw the Rodalink shop at Precinct 14.

Overall, the ride was fun, though there were many occasions we had to push the bikes uphill because missus couldn’t get Abby up the hill with the 3-gears IGH (did I hear a lame excuse here?). Will I join the ride in the future? I don’t know. If future rides have less steep ascent, maybe.


Chevy getting ready for action


Abby and her slave


Hundreds of cyclists at the starting line


Abby reaching the finish line

The following 6 pictures were downloaded from other facebook users’ photo albums. Seems like the Chevy and yellow rider attracted more camera attention than Abby.



In all, the ride was about 25km long, a pretty decent distance.

We are ready for OCBC Cycle Malaysia.

Click here to see the map of the ride: Endomondo

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