1/10: PDRM Open Day

1 Oct was PDRM (Police) Open Day. It was held at Dataran Merdeka. Most of the major roads in KL were blocked off. There were huge traffic jams reported, as far as Federal Highway.

Anyway, Missus and I were there to take part in the Kayuhan Belia, organized by ACT. We were supposed to ride through as a parade in front of the PDRM.

The waiting was very wrong. We reached Padang Merbok early, by 6:45am. We registered, collected Tees and waited till 8am before we started to pedal. Then we waited for another 30 minutes before we could cycle across Dataran Merdeka. After that, it was smooth sailing all the way.

The actual ride was quite fun. We had the entire width of Jalan Damansara and Jalan Mahameru to cycle. There were minor ascents and some rolling descents. I went as fast as 42km/h on my Chevy (according to Endomondo). But my Chevy struggled on downhill against Abby and other bikes. On ascent, I was relatively faster. In all, the route was welcome test for the OCBC Cycle Malaysia in 2 weeks’ time. The uphill rides from Padang Merbok on Jalan Tun Ismail, and Jalan Salahhudin were tough.

I saw some very nice Strida folding bikes there. There were quite fast going downhill but slower on uphill. Then I found out they were mostly single-speed. Now I know why the speed difference – big chain ring, single gear at rear. Anyway, those Stridas were definitely eye-catching bikes, with their unique frames and belt drive.

The entire route was on 10.68km. That was half the distance of OCBC Cycle Malaysia’s Folding Bike Ride (21km).

Average Speed: 13.9 km/h

Calories: 400 kcal

Distance: 10.68 km

Duration: 46m:03s

Some pictures taken at Padang Merbok and map of the cycle route.

PDRM Open Day 1 Oct 2011 copy

The loop around Lake Gardens and Dataran Merdeka


Missus and Abby tagged


Waited for more than 1 hour and some more


Chevy’s tag


Some striking bikes on display (of course they were without kick stands)

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