Can you go car free via LRT & bus?

We must applaud the effort made by RapidKL to encourage people to go car free (or car-less). They even have a section on their website. Check here <—

According to RapidKL, car free means the following:

“Hari Tanpa Kereta adalah di mana kita semua bergerak dari satu tempat ke satu tempat lain dengan berjalan, menaiki basikal atau menaiki pengangkutan awam atau kesemuanya sekali”

Translated: “Car Free Day is when we all move from one place to another by walking, cycling or taking public transport, or all together”

I don’t want to comment on “Spot the Sticker Contest”. This has attracted a interesting comment from an online commuter/cyclist. Click here <—

If you click on “Foldable Bicycles” tab, they provided information on when and where foldable bicycles are allowed on the LRT. So, they do allow folding bicycles on the LRT! I hope all the LRT station officers and personnel are fully informed on this.

I also noted that the restrictive time that the foldable bicycles are allowed on the LRT. It is a good start to have “9am-4.30pm” and “after 7pm”, but I hope that RapidKL can extend it to “all times” because for a normal daytime worker, the usual official clock-in time is 9am or earlier. Even, government offices open way earlier than that. The restrictive time period only accommodate to casual and recreational cyclists, not the “real bicycle commuters”. I also hope that the LRT allows foldable bicycles on weekends without time restrictions.

Kebenaran membawa basikal di Laluan Ampang dan Kelana Jaya

  • Jenis basikal yang dibenarkan ialah jenis basikal ‘foldable’
  • Waktu yang dibenarkan ialah:
    – 9.00am – 4.30pm
    – Selepas 7.00pm

There is no information whether foldable bicycles are allowed on buses. I also hope that RapidKL can clarify on this matter. There are many places that the LRT do not service, such as Shah Alam, Kajang, Selayang, Puchong and Klang. There is a missing link between LRT points and those townships. Buses provide the link. So, I hope that foldable bicycles are allowed on the buses too.

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