@myrapidkl, you need to do better than that

I tweeted the following after I was frustrated at waiting for the bus #U30. What followed was their reply.


@chanjerping: @myrapidkl what happened 2 your grand plan with GPS tracking? I waited 40+mins for U30 friday evening. @transitmy

@myrapidkl: @chanjerping @transitmy Heavy rain & lightning around KL on Friday evening has caused the delays of U30. Bus allocation for U30 are normal.


As we all know, since early this year, @myrapidkl was announcing to the world that they were installing GPS devices on all their buses. When that was completed, they introduced the Touch N’ Go rabbitcard. Users will just need to “BIT” on entry and “BIT” on exit. GPS will calculate the amount to be deducted.

They also claimed that GPS will help them to manage their buses better in terms of punctuality. Read here:

Shahril Mokhtar of Prasarana’s Group Managing Director announced via twitter that “RapidKL will have its own Fleet Tracking System (GPS) this year. Announcement will be made soon.”   (16 Jan 2011)

And then, when there are problems (complaints or criticism – whichever you like) reported by commuters (in this case, me), the reply provided was so unsatisfactory. If heavy rain and lightning around KL could cause delay, and you couldn’t do anything to improve it, then why the hell did you spent million to install those GPS devices in the first place? If the technology invested doesn’t help you a bit, why did you pay for it? Do you have the personnel and expertise to run your GPS-enabled Fleet Management System?

If this is your standard answer to the delays every time it rains (with lightning), then we have a problem. In Malaysia, it rains almost every other day.

And I still have not seen the individual bus schedule. It has been almost a year now.

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