26/10: Pangsun (Hulu Langat)

Today is Deepavali, Festival of Light. It means no work for me. I slept early, switched off the alarm clocks, silenced my mobile, still I woke up at 5am! Damn it!

While I was rolling on the bed, pretending to sleep, I hatched an idea during the time. I was going for a ride today. I was going to tackle the Hulu Langat.

There I was, at Hulu Langat. I started my ride at Taman Seri Nanding, where the Petronas station is located. From there, I made my way past Batu 14, the furthest point I have ridden before today. I had no idea that the ride was pretty long.

Then came the busy Batu 18. This is the meeting point most weekend cyclists. I saw so many cars there. Those cyclists drove up to this point, and cycled from here towards Mount Perez, I think.

It was a very cool morning. Even though I started my ride around 8am, the mountains were still covered with fog. Reminded me of Cameron Highlands? Nah…


Even the roads were filled with fog.


fog on mountains

The ride took me along a river, most of the way. There were countless of streams and rivers crossings. I think I counted no fewer than 10 (Michu, Chongkak, Langat, etc)


One of the many picnic places along the route


“Recreation Park” at “Lubuk Manggis”

I finally reached my destination at the foothills of Gunung Nuang. Further up was the Langat Dam and reservoir.


Gunung Nuang is the highest mountain in Selangor

From this point, I rode further in through the road. Inside, you would find that RapidKL bus U412 stationed there. This bus goes from Pangsun to Cheras Batu 10. I should’ve cycled in further to the Langat Dam. But the road leading to it was very steep. I should’ve made the extra 2km journey. Maybe next time.

Cycling Workout  Endomondo - Google Chrome 26102011 120701

look, I was almost there, just another 2km to the Dam

Beyond the Batu 18, most of the residents up to Langat Dam were Orang Asli (Aborigines). You can recognise their houses. Most are government-built. When you can find dogs roaming around, that are the Orang Asli housing. Malay houses are built on stilts.


A mosque at Kampung Kuala Perdik

On the way back, I stopped over at IKBN at Dusun Tua. Here you can find a pool of Hot Spring. I didn’t take a picture of the pool, but a water outlet next to the river (Sungai Langat) that was spewing steam.


Sungai Langat at IKBN Dusun Tua


I thought someone was burning leaves and twigs, but…


actually it was steam rising from the ground

In all, it was a very enjoyable ride. I was riding at my own pace. I don’t have to play catch up with any other cyclists. I can stop wherever I want to snap a photo. The sun was up but it wasn’t very hot. Great day for a ride.

Cycling Workout  Endomondo - Google Chrome 26102011 115452

Details (from Endomondo):

Distance: 36.53 km

Duration: 2h:04m:56s

Average Speed: 17.5 km/h

Calories: 1368 kcal

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