Bikeradar: Best messenger bags

Ever wonder if you’d like to buy a messenger bag for your bike? Take these few advices.


Abus Dryve £99.99

“Lots of us carry bags when we’re cycling, whether we’re riding to the office with our laptop, out for a long day’s ride or just carrying emergency spares – phone, mobile, a bit of food and drink and a change of clothing.

Panniers, seatpost-mounted bags and rucksacks are an option, especially for longer rides and heavier loads, but the simple sling-type bag used by cycle couriers across the world is a good bet for shorter journeys and urban commutes.

They have plenty of space for laptops and files, look businesslike in the office, you can access their contents quickly without taking them off, and because they don’t cover the whole of your back, there’s less sweat build-up than with a rucksack.”


“What to look for in a messenger bag


How much volume do you need? When choosing a bag, work out beforehand what you’ll usually be carrying and add a little extra capacity for emergencies. But the shape is just as important as the overall volume, especially if you’re carrying a laptop.


Messenger bags usually have a single shoulder strap plus a waist strap for stability on the bike. In general, wider straps are more comfortable. Try before you buy, though, to check that they’re comfortable for your particular shape.

Weather resistance

Most messenger bags have weatherproofing built in that should keep your belongings dry in showers. Some have rolldown tops while others are made of entirely waterproof materials.


Some messenger bags have sleeves specifically designed for laptops, so it’s a good idea to take your laptop with you when buying your bag, not only to ensure that your computer fits but also that it’s comfortable for you to carry.


A messenger bag that looks businesslike in the office may not be as good at night on the bike. Reflective patches and piping will improve your safety.


Bags range from single pocket designs to those with separate sections for computer, paperwork, mobile or MP3 player – sometimes on the strap for swift access. Again, work out what your specific needs are before parting with your cash.

This feature is based on an article that was originally published in Cycling Plus magazine”

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