Penang Road Trip: 16 June 2012 (Part 1)

Finally, after booking the hotel 3 months ago, the day has arrived to embark on this 3-day long road trip, by car. Driving from KL to Penang, with my 2 folding bikes, Abby & Chevy in the back seat.


This Penang trip was my first road trip in over 2 years, I think. Well, the previous weekend, I drove to Muar to collect durians, but that didn’t count, because it was a 6-hour round trip.

We took turns to drive. It was very tiresome to drive under the hot weather and haze from our friendly neighbour. Here, missus drove from Sg Perak R&R all the way to the hotel in Penang.


Upon arrival at the hotel, Chulia Heritage Hotel at Chulia Street, we took off on our bikes. We arrived an hour early at 1pm, but the check in time only started at 2pm. We were hungry, so we went to look for food. Just one corner away from Chulia Street into Penang Road, we found the famous Line Clear Nasi Kandar. We parked and locked our bikes next to a sign post and bench.




The plate of rice with squids cost RM11 while the one with a piece of fried chicken was RM6.60. This Nasi Kandar was definitely a must eat food if travelling to Penang.


After filling up our hungry stomachs with the rice, we rode further down Penang Road. We passed by Campbell Street, Chowrasta Market and found another gem at Keng Kwee Street – Teochew Cendul at Joo Hooi Cafe.



Just look at how nice the bowls of ice cendul were. The shaved ice all melted in the bowl in time for us to gulp down every last drops.  The cendul was the best antidote to the warm and humid weather.


We just leaned Abby & Chevy against a roadside object . We finished our Cendul in less than 10 minutes.


After the lunch break, we rode back to the hotel to check in. It was 2pm already.

Just look at the Google map below, and you will know how near Line Clear (200m) and Joo Hooi Cafe (further 250m) is to Chulia Heritage Hotel.

Lebuh Chulia to Joo Hooi Cafe - Google Maps - Google Chrome 2062012 83633 PM

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