@myrapidkl where are your bus transit cards?

I lost my rabbit card last Monday. I think I dropped it somewhere after I exited a Monorail station.

Luckily, I still have my Zing Card from Maybank. However, I don’t want my Zing Card to be my main transit card. What if I lose that too. I have over RM100 of stored value in it.

So I went to the LRT station later to purchase a transit card. I need a stored value card that I can use on the buses, LRT & Monorail. To my surprise, the heavily promoted myrapid card cannot be used on the RapidKL buses.

Now that Rabbit cards can no longer be purchased on board the buses, and rapidpass are meant for regular and frequent commuters, WTF!

How are the infrequent commuters going to buy any transit cards to use on RapidKL buses? Maybe @myrapidkl are now encouraging commuters to pay cash, so leakages can continue, just like last time. It is such an inconvenience having to carry coins, and the buses don’t give change.

That’s really one step forward, two steps back for @myrapidkl, Prasarana, GTP & Pemandu.

I cannot wait till the MRT is launched, and another different system of payment  implemented. #MalaysiaBoleh

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4 thoughts on “@myrapidkl where are your bus transit cards?

  1. Hi Chan Jer Ping,
    Did you know that *any* Touch n Go (TnG) card can be used on RapidKL Rail & Bus? Even the TnG in your MyKad works. You can buy TnG cards at many Petrol Stations and Toll Plazas. Also gives you a list of other outlets selling and reload TnG cards.

    • Sabre, thank you for the explanation. The LRT staff should have advised accordingly.

      But the question remains. Why did @myrapidkl spend so much resources into promoting Rabbit and myrapid cards when any touch n go cards will do? Some more, Rabbit card cannot use at tolls and myrapid card cannot use on buses.

      Just silly.

  2. Rabbit card is TnG card that requires only RM5 deposit, but cannot be used on toll roads.
    Normal TnG card requires RM10 deposit. Can’t find specific page on TnG FAQ about TnG card deposit charges though.

    • TnG system in M’sia is like customised Android OS. Different for every vendor. Why not standardise it? Govt should promote the use of just one type of card. Others can come out with collector’s design.

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