Raleigh Oakland

Bon voyage my friend.

I hope you will give as much pleasure and service to your new owner, as you did to me.



What’s next?

Seriously thinking about Dahon Speed P8 or a Kona hybrid.

P/S: a word of thanks to for providing an online platform for Malaysian cycling community to trade bicycles

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13 thoughts on “Raleigh Oakland

  1. Leo

    thx for selling it to me ! -Leo

  2. Leo

    forget to ask, why u’re selling it?

    • Leo, I need a bike that I can upgrade with fenders, rack, etc. Raleigh Oakland doesn’t have these. So I am looking at Dahon Speed P8 or Kona hybrid. Now, it is most likely a Dahon.

  3. Leo

    i had already bought a 8 spd cassette and shifter,
    Tat seng bike shop offers me rm120 for the hub, rm60 for fixing the freehub into the rim and rm120 for changing the cassette.
    is the price reasonable?

    • Leo,
      I have no clue as to the pricing. I am not very keen on MTB components. If you feel it is money well spent, then it is reasonable.

      • Leo

        im actually turning it into a roadbike… LOL !! sounds like there is a lot of work to do 😦

      • Leo,
        Good way to learn more of your bike. Good luck. 🙂

  4. Leo

    Chan, do u mind telling me wat’s the weight of the Raleigh Oakland Hybrid is?

  5. angel

    hi is there any park here in kl that biking is allowed?

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