Co.Exist: Bikes Aren’t Just Good For You, They’re Good For The Economy, Too

Besides having a positive effect on health and environment, investing in bicycle infrastructure will also have a positive impact on the economy (aka “cyclonomy“).

I think our Federal, State and local governments should seriously look into an alternative view on future investments. Instead of concentrating on investing in car-centric projects or mega rail projects, they should at least give a try, investing in bicycle infrastructure in a township, and see if the results are as good as in the US.

In the future, I love to see more bicycle friendly business districts blossoming all over Klang Valley, and spreading it to other parts of the country.

Penang is on the right track by investing in bicycle lanes, but closing off the heritage area of Georgetown on Sundays is not a good example, as it is right smack in the CBD area, where most shops and establishments are closed on Sundays.

“You can see that in a vibrant business district that there’s a lot of foot traffic and bicycle traffic, and you instinctively understand that it’s really good for business.”

“…found that $1 million invested in bike infrastructure produced 11.4 jobs, against 10 jobs for the same amount invested in pedestrian schemes, and 7.8 jobs for road-only projects.”

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