Momentum: Bicycles are Transit – Linking Cycling, Transit, Planning and People

This is a very good article about how bicycles should be THE mode of transport for the public as the FIRST mile and LAST mile of transit. With bicycle, the public transport is complete, linking door-to-door travel for the public.

It is important that the cities around the world acknowledge the great benefits cycling brings to the city-zens in terms of mobility, and it is not only about environment, traffic congestion and health benefits. Access to mobility in the city brings positive impacts to the business growth, employment opportunities and sustainable city living.

A car centric approach to city planning will stunt economic growth, waste premium city space and make a city less livable. Let’s push for our cities to make space for cycling infrastructure and encourage the city-zens to cycle to improve sustainable city living.

Save for walking trips, no trip involves just one form of transportation. We inevitably shift between two or more methods of travel – by foot, bicycle, bus, train, car – so we must be aware that every mode of transportation is connected and strive to make these connections seamless. A wave of cities around the world have already recognized the need for integrated transportation and the coordinated planning it takes to make this a reality. These cities are changing gears from the one-by-one developments of roads, bike routes and public transit systems to taking a more holistic, connected approach to infrastructure and urban development. The results show that these changes make cities more humane and vibrant – a new form of human-powered city.

Known as the first and last mile, the part of the trip that connects you to the door of your destination poses a problem for transportation planners. Public transit can efficiently transport a large number of people on specific routes, but it can’t connect to every door. Urban planners and transit authorities are considering bicycles as a way to connect the “last mile” in a sustainable way while decreasing overall commuting times.


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