25/12: Cheras-Seremban

(Testing: Translation by Google into Chinese Simplified)

Today, I finally did the ride that I had been talking about for a month. I wanted to test my endurance and stamina on such a ride. 60km is still my best ever. Do I have to aim for the century mark to enjoy touring by bicycle? I don’t know.

After a full breakfast at home, I went out at 7.39am. I was hoping to complete it in 3 hours, which I almost did. Never start a long ride without a full stomach. Also do your business before leaving.

E7 (Cheras-Kajang highway) is quite empty during the public holidays or Sunday. Interstate #1 has more vehicles from Kajang all the way to Semenyih. After Semenyih, the vehicle count thinned out until I reached Seremban.

A word of caution, there is an uphill slope from Mantin towards Lekas highway for 2+ km. Need to crunch the low gears. Or you can take a detour to Bangi and Labu to Seremban, but it is longer.

I found out the hard way that when I ride over 40km, my left knee will turn to Jelly. However, it will be alright the following day. I have to google how to exercise my knees.

On another note, I am proud to say that I have cycled 60km just to try a Seremban beef noodle. The noodle is unique and delicious in its own way, but I don’t think people in KL will like it. I like the gravy, sesame seeds and ground nuts. It is not cheap though. One bowl comes up to RM9 (with balls and soup).

Initially, I thought Seremban is a very boring town to visit, but I find that it has its own unique buildings. Colonial schools, churches, temples, Minangkabau roofs of state government buildings, the pre-independence rows of shops, Little India, etc.

What I didn’t see is the Seremban siew pau, or maybe I wasn’t looking intently.


Throughout the 60km ride, only came across 1 signpost of bicycle


After Branang, I am crossing the state line


after the ardous climb from Mantin to LEKAS highway, I am entering Seremban


The famous Pasar Besar Seremban


Have to taste the famous Beef noodle of Seremban


Opie in Seremban, yeah!


a very impressive church in Seremban


Opposite the church is a Hindu temple


Opie is all dressed up for ride on KTM Komuter


At Seremban KTM station


Certificate of completion: 2-tone skin

Today’s ride:


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