27/1: Batang Kali–Sentul

Got up way too late for this ride. Only managed to leave the house at 7am. Got to Putra KTM Station at 8am. Finally only managed to reach Batang Kali station 10 minutes to 10am. I almost abandoned plan to ride from BK. Contemplated exiting at Rawang, but didn’t.


By the time I reached LRT station, the sky was already bright.


Can you spot the multimodal logo there?


Opie’s fully clothed before allowed into the station


Opie and I are ready to roll towards Ulu Yam Lama for breakfast (brunch)

Just as a reminder that in order to travel further from Rawang (i.e. KKB, Tg Malim), you have to transfer to another train at Rawang station. It cost RM4.70 for the train ride from Putra to Batang Kali.


As you can see, Ulu Yam Lama is quite near to Batang Kali

Ulu Yam Lama is not that far from BK station. It was just a 5-minute ride. You have to ride up a bridge over the railway line. Before the bridge was built, people had to use a pedestrian bridge to go to Ulu Yam Lama.


Took this picture at the bridge, but this is not Ulu Yam Lama


Can you see Genting Highlands up on the hills with the white clouds?


Sorry, no picture of actual loh mee, but I had mine at this restaurant

At Ulu Yam Lama, you can see street names like Jalan Pisang and Jalan Stesen. You can see some banana trees, but you cannot find any shop selling bananas. Weird. There are many restaurants and coffee shops selling loh mee. I think most of them should be nice. Many KL registered cars park outside them.

After my breakfast of loh mee, I rode back to the bridge and cycled along Jalan Ipoh (state road 1) towards Batu Caves, via Serendah and Rawang. The ride was uneventful. The quality of the road is pretty good, compared to my housing areas. The route was quite flat until I reached Kanching and Templer’s Park.

I passed by the LATAR highway entrance, and I was amazed at how the government was willing to rape the forests outside Rawang to build this tolled highway. Part of the forested hills were cut off to accommodate this ugly concrete infrastructure for use of heavy metal box with four tyres. Disgusting!

When I exited at Batu Caves, the atmosphere was electrifying. Thaipussam festival was held here. I have never seen it at Batu Caves, but so many people are here to pray. Exciting indeed.


a devotee carry a big “kavadi” with loud music and cheering by the crowds


Yellow is the main colour at this stall


It is just so hot out there, and the devotees were walking barefoot

After passing through Batu Caves, I continued my journey to Sentul (Sentul Timur station) to catch the LRT back to Cempaka station. It was a very tough and hot day. Lesson of the ride: go out earlier and bring lots of water.


Bicycle parking facility at Sentul Timur LRT station

Total damage today

Distance: 50.43km

Average Speed: 18.7 km/h

Duration: 2h 42m 8s

Shocking stat: my top speed was recorded at 56.9km/h!!!

Details at Endomondo


p/s: I never dress up my bikes when I board the LRT.


Happy Thaipussam!

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One thought on “27/1: Batang Kali–Sentul

  1. tailim

    Well done, Thaipusam is colourful I will do it next time.

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