Cute puppy, or a sorry sight?

Saw this cute little puppy on the middle road divider at Alam Damai Cheras. At first, it looked sick, but once it got up, it was quite healthy looking, walking briskly away from the scene of the ‘crime’. I hope it will survive the roads and traffic. Or some nice samaritan will take it home as a pet.

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Happy Barkday Boo!

Today is Boo’s real birthday, according to his ‘birth cert’. Born 23 Feb 2006, he’s a mighty 5-year old BOSS.

Happy Birthday (or Barkday) Kiddo!
Wishes from Dopes and Girl too.

Boo actually had his birthday cake end January. Check Boo’s Barkday.

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A dog on the prowl in Cheras

Found one Jer Ping-friendly mongrel outside blocks of flats near to Tun Perak Pasar. It wasn’t friendly at first, but after some charming…

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Boo’s Barkday

Today, we are celebrating Boo’s barkday. It was brought forward because for no reason, it is better to do it before Chinese New Year. As usual, Boo had to share his cake with his brother and half-sister.


Even Ah Girl got her share, but no pictures of her having her cake. So after all the formalities, it was time for their baths, and the barkday boy had the last one.

So, it is now time for Chinese New Year to arrive in 4 days.

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4D numbers

0465, 0466, 0467

Thank you Penny for renewing the “lesen anjing”.

Updated: Three kiddos wearing the latest accessory




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